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Mytracknet creates the only Lost and found network with a reward system to motivate users for active participation.

Our network is built for pets, kids, and people with dementia in mind but can be used for literally anything you lost in public. It can work with two ways: a) manually, just by posting a photo description and the last known location, replacing the old school way of posters, fliers and random posts at social media. b)With any Bluetooth tracker(the only network who unites every Bluetooth tracker brand) or with our own Bluetooth and LoRa tracker. The reward system is transferring our tokens to users according to the steps they made, the distances they covered, notifications they noticed and people/pets/items they found. The user can then send the token to us and receive a special discount from our partners or exchange them for goods and products. There is also the option for someone who needs to motivate extra people to add a “bounty” for his valuable in FIAT currency. This way we are making a network that works for everyone, building better communities and bringing people closer since they help each other and simultaneously are making money or receiving discounts. Mytracknet is trying to unite as many different groups as it is possible and we have a reason for everyone to be there. 1)already tracker users – can come to this open network to unite their power and get some rewards too 2)People with pets, kids or family member suffering from dementia can purchase a tracker which is ideal for set it and forget it uses and monitor that they are close to a point of interest. 3)People who don't have a tracker but they lost a family member or their pets or even a valuable item. 4)People who commute or work around the city and want an extra income