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Waves World

Waves World is an incentive based ecosystem.

Waves World Token is a Reward given for value added contributions to the community, or leasing to the Waves World node. Reward tokens can be spent in the Waves World Marketplace, which offers a variety of blockchain related products and services. Our services are designed to engage and reward both our direct supporters and beyond. We’re veterans of the blockchain space who are passionate about Waves and peer-to-peer technology. We have created Waves World for the grassroots community around the simple values of personal engagement and maximising the economic benefits we know digital assets hold for the world. The Waves World Ecosystem Waves World was created with the intention of solving two key problems. 1. Adding value to mining Waves’ blockchain is maintained by a Leased Proof-of-Stake system that enables ordinary users to lease their WAVES to mining nodes and receive a share of transaction fees in return (as well as Miners Reward Tokens). The more holders lease their WAVES, the more secure the network. Waves World aims to incentivise leasing further by adding value for lessors, offering a token they could use to purchase real goods and services. Not only that, but businesses and token holders could offer their blockchain-related goods in the Waves World marketplace. Now launched, the Waves World marketplace provides this value to both businesses and WW holders, offering goods and services for sale in return for WW and other cryptos - but also driving value into WW in the process. 2. The online advertising landscape Social media corporations and other tech giants have been banning adverts related to blockchain and cryptocurrency, cutting off the chief form of publicity for many legitimate projects in the interest of restricting scams. Many blockchain startups now do not know where to turn for marketing assistance. Waves World offers a full-service marketing solution, with packages that can be purchased through the Waves World marketplace. The Waves World team can help formulate a publicity strategy, create content of all kinds, and use its reward bots and social media influence to increase projects’ online reach, bringing them to new and crypto-friendly audiences. Additionally, Waves World can provide banner advertising on its web properties. WW token The Waves World token is the native currency of the Waves World ecosystem: the token of reward for all relevant activities. Token information Asset id: AbunLGErT5ctzVN8MVjb4Ad9YgjpubB8Hqb17VxzfAck Total supply: 999,979,136 (decimals: 0) Non-reissuable Number of holders at time of writing: 17,768 Better Tokens verified status Waves World qualified for Better Tokens status in March 2019, meaning that it is displayed with its logo on Waves DEX and ticker, and can be searched by name as well as asset id. BetterTokens is the brand name of the Tokenization Standards Association (TSA), which lays out tokenisation standards for companies and individuals involved in the tokenisation of assets, ensuring proper investor protection and compliance with applicable regulations. To be awarded TSA Qualified Issuer Status, an expert committee assesses token issuers’ projects, with Qualified Issuer Status being awarded to those that comply with relevant regulatory requirements. Qualified Issuers are identified with a bespoke ticker on Waves DEX (WW now has a unique ticker/logo). BetterTokens also cooperate with centralised and decentralised exchanges who are prepared to outsource the assessment of assets applying for listing to a qualified third party. The TSA additionally engages financial regulators by running a work group dedicated to discussing trends, projects and new initiatives in the blockchain industry with regulators worldwide, including Japan, the United States, Switzerland, Malta, Luxembourg, Slovenia and other nations. Future allocations for lease rewards and Top 100 Club (see below) will come from several different sources and revenue streams, including (but not limited to) Marketplace sales, WW Service Sales, Sponsored Contests, Grant Funds, Top 100 Club holdings, and Reserve funds. Major addresses owned by Waves World include: Issuer address: 3PJfWdEzfVytHhwGngPes6kHacpZPVkqUm3 Node (leasing) address: 3P3PfgFKpfisSW6RCsbmgWXtwUH8fHAESw4 Waves node Founded: December 2017 Address: 3P3PfgFKpfisSW6RCsbmgWXtwUH8fHAESw4 WAVES leased: 5.3 million (as of May 2019) One of the two core strands of Waves World is its Waves mining node. This launched in December 2017, with the first public payment to lessors taking place on 25 December 2017. The record of leasing payments for Facebook can be found here. Additionally, all leasing payments are now posted on Twitter. These can be found by using the #lpos hashtag. The Waves World node started with just 10,000 WAVES in leases, from the two founders. In the 18 months since then, it has grown to become the third largest Waves node (at the time of writing) with 5.4 million WAVES leased to it. WW tokens are distributed to lessors every week, along with 100% of WAVES mined from transaction fees. Initially, 100% of MRT were also distributed to lessors. Following a proposal under the community governance protocol (see below), however, it was decided to use all MRT received to buy back WW on DEX to drive overall value to WW holders. Marketplace The Waves World marketplace is the second key element of the ecosystem. The marketplace was launched on Black Friday, 23 November 2018, and offers a wide range of crypto-themed merchandise. This can be bought for over 70 different cryptocurrencies and tokens, including WW, so that recipients have somewhere to spend their airdrops. The marketplace also offers promotional services for crypto projects and startups, and additional features such as the community governance protocol can be accessed via the marketplace for a small fee (to discourage spam submissions). In addition to crypto, the marketplace accepts payment via PayPal so that it is not unnecessarily exclusive and maintains as broad an appeal as possible. Affiliates The Waves World marketplace affiliates scheme was launched in April 2019, enabling anyone to benefit by referring customers to the marketplace. Affiliates simply need to register on the marketplace, and will receive referral links in their dashboard. If items are purchased using these links, the affiliate will receive 10% of the purchase price, paid in WW. There is also the option to gift this commission to any other registered affiliate. Faucet Faucets have always been an important part of the cryptocurrency ecosystem, enabling newcomers to acquire small amounts of tokens and experiment to learn more before becoming more deeply involved. Waves World has a faucet at H2OX.io. An account on H2OX can also serve as a wallet for WAVES and Waves tokens. Additionally, the service includes an integration with Telegram, so that tokens held in user balances can be sent via tipbot. The referral link for Waves World’s H2OX faucet is: http://wavesworld.io/faucet. Web and social media presence Waves World has a series of websites and a strong social media presence: Waves World website, including the Waves World marketplace Telegram channel Twitter stream Facebook: Waves World fan page and Waves Platform Cryptocurrency Club A Russian Telegram channel has recently been added and is proving popular. Telegram tipbot Waves World’s Telegram channel is integrated with the tipbot functionality provided by H2OX. This enables anyone to send and receive WW, WAVES and other Waves tokens within Telegram, using a low-friction hosted wallet. Users do not even need to download the Waves software or set up a desktop or mobile wallet – though for larger amounts, an external (local) wallet is recommended. The tipbot is routinely used for tipping and giveaways, as well as bounties and other payments. Financial incentives do not need to be large to bring people together and contribute to a sense of community cohesion, and active distribution of WW through the Telegram channel is a valuable way to reward and build the community, raise awareness and thank Waves World’s user base.