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Tokes Platform

Founded to solve the cannabis industry’s banking problem via cryptocurrency payments, the Tokes Platform also builds blockchain based “track and trace” solutions for supply chain management and integration to conventional enterprise software (ERP systems) for any industry.

The Tokes Platform is a blockchain focused company building software solutions for merchant adoption of cryptocurrency and data provenance of supply chains. This includes, but is not limited to, point of sale processing software, ecommerce storefronts, mobile applications, Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Blockchain as a Service (BaaS). Initially, the platform was developed for the legal cannabis industry as a solution to the cash-only problem caused by federal prohibition resulting in banking restrictions. To solve this issue, Tokes created a tokenized payment solution known as Tokes (TKS) along with consumer mobile apps, merchant point of sale software, and ecommerce modules to transact in the token. While the cannabis vertical and tokenized payments are still our core focus, the services now provided by the platform extend past tokenization and cryptocurrency. Within the cannabis industry, blockchain provides utility for more than payments, as ensuring the provenance and transparency of cannabis production data from seed-to-sale is not only a preferred scenario for consumers but regulated by states agencies. In building robust infrastructure for tokenized payments and blockchain based data storage, the Tokes Platform now has an ecosystem of offerings that extend well beyond the cannabis space and can be utilized to serve supply chains in any industry vertical. Additionally, in building our suite of software, the Tokes Platform now has “high availability” deployment environments – infrastructure that can be sold or utilized by startups in and out of the blockchain space.